28 January 2009

Back from my adventures in the grown up world

28 January 2009

"Back from my adventures in the grown up world"


Jesus...it has been forever since I have written anything....

And for good reason....

I have moved into an emergency room and the orientation that proceeds that is long and tedious.

Although that is no excuse for waiting as long as I have to write to you all, I can GUARANTEE you that I have some GREAT stories to share...

I just wanted you all to know that I have thought about you all and that I will be bck, most likely tomorrow, with some new stories from the ER that will surely make you fall from you seats.

I, still ride the ambulance too with Danielle and we have even more incredible stories to launch your way...

SO stay tuned....I WILL be back,

Rounding Third and Heading Home,