21 October 2009

Myths of the Swine Flu

21 October 2009

"Myths of the Swine Flu"


Let's get the record straight on some things about the swine flu epidemic that is sweeping the country.

As you all fill the ER's (mine in paticular), there are a few things that need to be addressed before you decide the the end is near and that runny nose that you have is not your brains bleeding out.

Listen closely: (These are all ACTUAL THINGS PEOPLE HAVE TOLD ME)

First, because you had a cough for like 20 minutes doesn't mean you have it....

If you decided to dip your pen into the company ink and now you have burning when you urinate...it is NOT the Swine Flu.

Also, if you went to Denny's and had a plate full of bacon and now your stomach hurts..it is NOT the swine flu.

If you watched the news and they told you that you have the swine flu...come on in, let me punch you in the face...and send you home...because you DON'T have it.

Because you live in the town NEXT to the town that had ONE case in their school...you have it....BUZZ!!!! NO YOU DON'T.....

Because you drove through the country this past weekend....

Because your neighbor just came back from Kentucky....

And finally, my personal favorite,

Because you work with Mexicans....


A public Service announcement.....

Rounding Third and Heading Home,

02 October 2009

Fields of Gold

02 October 2009

"Fields of Gold"


What did I do this summer???

Oh, you know....

Work for your professional baseball team.

That's right, kiddies. Danielle and I were employed by the Cleveland Indians (or at least our company was) which meant that we were down at the ballpark for quite some time these last six months, hence the reason I have been so wrapped up to write.

But, the home season has come to an end....

However, what good would a blog be if we didn't put it into memory with pictures...

Thus, the slideshow of our summer which is posted here for you.

If you have any questions on the pictures, let me know and I will explain the best I can.

Rounding Third and Heading Home,

10 September 2009

So...it's been a while...

10 Sept 2009

Yeah, yeah. I know it has been a while since I have last been on here but I have t say that this entire summer, despite it going fast, has been one busy season.

Not only has the ER picked up in volume, but I have been working for the Cleveland Indians at their stadium doing EMS in my off time.

This translates into zero time for me which means blogging is out.

Well, the season is almost to an end so I will be trying to get on here a lot more than I did in the past. There are so many wonderful stories to tell and I really can't begin to fathom as to where to start.

But until then, thanks for staying...I am to return soon.


28 January 2009

Back from my adventures in the grown up world

28 January 2009

"Back from my adventures in the grown up world"


Jesus...it has been forever since I have written anything....

And for good reason....

I have moved into an emergency room and the orientation that proceeds that is long and tedious.

Although that is no excuse for waiting as long as I have to write to you all, I can GUARANTEE you that I have some GREAT stories to share...

I just wanted you all to know that I have thought about you all and that I will be bck, most likely tomorrow, with some new stories from the ER that will surely make you fall from you seats.

I, still ride the ambulance too with Danielle and we have even more incredible stories to launch your way...

SO stay tuned....I WILL be back,

Rounding Third and Heading Home,