28 July 2008

Giving it a whirl...


Hmmm....so this is what it's like in the world of AOL...blogging...making new friends......sharing my story...my thoughts.....my days.  Pretty nifty, I must say!  Thanks Mike, I'm honored to share your space!

Hello everyone!  Glad to "meet" you!  ...and thanks for the warm welcome via your comments to Mike.  He's quite the amazing person, isn't he!? (And no...he didn't pay me to say that!)

Well....in a nutshell...I'm a proud wife, an over-joyed mother of an unbelievably awesome 4 year old daughter...and now, finally...an EMT rookie.  Life is good! 

(I'll let Mike tell you our story, how we met...about our friendship...and so on....it's an interesting one!)

Me?  Well...I had been in the Marketing field for 10 years.  Before I started my EMT career I was a Marketing Director.  It was fun, I was good at it...it paid the bills and then some....but, there was just so much missing.  You see, Mike and I met in 1993.  From the day we met, I was VERY interested in his line of work in emergency medicine.  I would pick his brain at every opportunity.  I always thought it would be an awesome job....but, life got in the way.  Actually, it was more like a crappy illness got in the way...and I do mean crappy (pun totally intended!).  For 12 years I was sick...pretty freaking sick.  I had ulcerative colitis.  I won't bore you or sicken you with the details...its pretty gross.  Just know that my life was dictated by my daily battle with this horrendous disease.  Finally, in 2006 my battle was near ending...I was beyond ill...my meds were no longer working ...and it was time to fight back...and kick this damn disease to the curb.  I had options...not the most pleasant ones...but, options nonetheless.  At the ripe age of 31 I decided to go against what everyone was telling me ...and pull the plug on the ole large intestine (literally).  I had major surgery which involved removing my entire colon...and getting some, as Mike would say, "alternate plumbing".  Well....lucky thing for me...I had a great doctor, supportive family and friends...and one particular Best Friend (can you guess who?) who helped me get through this.  Well kids, it was the best damn decision I've ever made.  You see, once it was all taken out...it was pretty evident to my surgeon that I would have had colon cancer in a matter of months!  Whew..... 

After my surgery I had the pleasure of staying at the Cleveland Clinic for nearly an entire month (another story...but, I'll spare you).  Anyway...the entire staff of doctors, ET nurses, RNs...everyone..was AMAZING!  They helped me in more ways than I can count!  ...and that was when it hit me!  It was time to give back...it was time to break out of this rut that I had lived in for 12 plus years...it was time to take the plunge...see the sights...meet the people.  I went on a few ride-alongs with Mike (see his blogs...we had some advetures to say the least!).  I enrolled in school...  and now....here I am!  An EMT...with the best teacher in the world...as my partner!  Lucky me.....

More to come......soon!  I look forward to hearing from you....and again....thank you for welcoming me!


27 July 2008

The New Fall Season

27 July 2008

"The New Fall Season"


Time to grab a soda and park  your ass in front of the computer screen.

The writer's strike is officially over and it is time to resume everyone's favorite blog...

No...This one here....

Anyways, for the three of you that are left out there...thanks for sticking around.  A LOT has happened since the last entry I have put in which is the reason for my untimely abscence, but I am going to try to get you up to speed on some of it and tell you what is going to happen in the next few months.

First and foremost, I am, again, with a different company  now. The last job that you saw me at, I was the coordinator for a rural 9-1-1 system and was making some progress in producing an elite ambulance service for the community.

Well, things were going pretty well there....until the politics set in behind the job.  Note, I am not one for policitical drama nor was I about to be the scapegoat for higher ups misfortuntes so I left...for something that wasn't going to give me the migraines I was getting from that company.

Moving on, I went to a small mom and pop company for a little over a month.  This was nice..only a couple nursing homes to cover and rarely were we out at night.  My only beef with this was that it was rob Peter to pay Paul.  What I mean by this is that they would often "circumvent" the rules to operate in their favor.  It may work on a business level but I didn't want to sacrifice my card in the process with their "Creative operations" as I call it.  Besides, this was like getting sent down to "A" ball in a minor league system.  But, it did get me back on my feet and on to better things.

Now, I am working for the biggest private ambulance company in Cleveland.  Our runs are many, the 9-1-1's are nil, but it keeps me busy, it is organized (for the most part), and it pays semi well...

I would relate this to "AAA" ball waiting for the call to the big show...Cleveland EMS....

...Which won't come for a while because the mayor has just placed a hiring freeze on all new employess for the City of Cleveland.  And I was sooooo close.

Nevertheless, I am back for your entertainment with a whole bunch of new stories, new adventures, and a new suprise for you all.

Today, I am bringing in a new partner.   Danielle, who you have heard me mention in other blogs, has chucked her computer, kicked off her heels, took her hair down, and has left the corporate world to become one of the bottom feeders with me.  She has gotten her EMT and, as any luck would have it, has become my partner.  Danielle will be taking in some of the blogging duties here including typing up entries for you all to read.

I hope that you greet her warmly, comment often to her stuff, and hope that this thing works where I added her (you all know AOL).

So, until then, I bid  you all farewell.....and this time...I WILL see you soon.


Rounding Third and Heading Home,