07 February 2008

Under Construction

07 February 2008

"Under Construction"

Hey all you germs and measles.  You are probably wondering as to where I have been.  If you haven't, well, no loss to you I suppose.

Sorry I haven't been around but we are in the process of remodeling the station..the WHOLE station so, as you can imagine, things have been very time consuming.

On top of that, I have ordered a new ambulance and it is scheduled to be here within the next few weeks.  This, ALSO, is very time consuming in referencing trying to get all the paperwork done on it and making sure that when the guy comes to inspect it...I am ready to go....

So, I will try to check in next week sometime to give you some funny expiriences that I have had, but until then, keep smiling, always keep your chin up, and remember that ziploc bags are two for one on Sundays.

Rounding Third and Heading Home,