27 December 2007

2007: A Year in Review

27 December 2007

"2007: A Year in Review"

As we sit at the edge of our seats and begin the countdown to the beginning of 2008, I am sitting back in my chair, feeling the warmth of the heater, sipping my tasty adult beverage, and watching the winter roll in through my office window as I remininsce as to the rather spectacular year that I had in 2007 both on and off station.  So, for this, I am not going to blog a long and meaningless banter that I have sometimes have come to deal to you few faithful that are still out there.  Instead, I am going to give thanks. Thanks and appreciation to those whom made my year just that much better.  So if you all would indulge me for just a few, I would be forever in your debt.

First and foremost, I want to thank my wife Beverly.  Bev, you have really been through hell and high water with me since we have met and no matter what had been posted in front of us, you never swayed in the storm.  Getting promoted this year, my job has demanded more of me than I could give it at times, but your understanding that I am trying to build something great and that Rome wasn't built in a day is a true testament to your undying devotion to the sacrement that bestows upon us.  I can't take back all those nights that you slept alone while I was out "saving the world" as you like to call it, but I want you to know that I was never far, and I thank God for that. So, my dear, thank you for all your support and grace. I will never let that fade in my mind, no matter what drugs they give me when I am older.

Next, I want to thank my best buddy Bill.   I know that this year you have gone through Hell and back...then back to Hell...then back again.  Even though your journey hasn't taken down the path that you thought, you found a way to keep a smile on your face, your chin in the air, and backed me up on everything that I did both professionally and personally.  Coming to work with me as I began my tenure as the supervisor was a blessing that I still can't begin to express to you. Your ability to give 110% in every little detail that you do proves to me that I made the utmost correct choice in designating you my best bud.  We met in a car upside down, we leave this year riding together off into the sunset.  Thanks, Bill...I love ya man.

Jane.  You took a big risk hiring me to operate day to day operations and everyday I strive to improve the quality of life not only for my patients, but for your company.  I can't promise you instant results, but I can promise you all my blood, sweat, and tears and the promise that I will do everything I can with all my breath, to make sure that our company is listed in the catagory of elite.  Thank you for your support...and taking a huge gamble on an aging re-tread.

To all my EMT's and Paramedic that work under me.  You really are the best of the best in my eyes.  Your perseverence on station and out in the field shows that we aren't a small rural company, but a place where the best of the best come to work.  I can't tell you how proud of you that I am of each and everyone of you as this transition went on when I took the helm.  Your support and open-mindedness has shown your integrity and genuality as civil servants, and as human beings.

I want to thank YOU, my readers whom even though I dropped off the face of the Earth at times, you still checked in with me to see how I was and if there was anything new.  I started this blog in 2004 as a place to vent about the world and give you a little ride-a-long as to the world of Emergency Medicine in the field.  Together, we have witnessed new life, held the hand of those who had lost their life, socially equated ourselves as to understand the dumb and misfortunate, but most of all, to make a difference to that one person who, in their time of crisis, called upon us to help save them and create peace for their life's continuing journey.  So, what I do propose to you for 2008 is an entry every week where we have some more fun, laugh a little out loud, and comfort each other when the time is low.  Together, we can all make a difference...so let's go out there and touch those who need it...all of us.

To my brother, Mark. You may not know why you are there, but your presence is the same as it would be here.  A feeling of relief and hope that tomorrow will bring a new day...even though you don't know the people you serve.  I admire for the fact that you DID get your life together against immense odds...I miss you and love you very much...and I ask is that you come home safely.

And finally, I have one last thanks to give.  Being last, you certainly aren't least...

Danielle, my friend for always. Sorry we didn't get back together for almost two decades, but I got lost somewhere along the way and when I DID find my wayout, life put up a roadblock.  I think that is why there is GPS for the cars now.  Anyways, despite you not being close physically, your spirit had always lingered keeping alive the purest of friendships without boundries, definitions, or limitations.  Even in absence, you had been a fixture of my thoughts and affected the way that I lived my life.  Now, 15 years later, you return to pick up where you left off.  The one that I chat with for countless hours about absolutely nothing, my friend who reassured me that life wasn't all that bad even though it felt like they were tossing the dirt on your coffin.  Your vibrance and positive outlook has fueled my motivation and my thrive as to who I am, whom I become, and who I will be...and I know...this is only the beginning. Thank you.

I will see you all next week, as planned and promised.

Have a safe and glorious New Year.

Rounding Third and Heading Home,


25 December 2007

Back By Popular Demand

25 December 2007

"Back By Popular Demand"

Merry Christmas to you all.

I have received quite a few emails requesting that I post my "12 Days of Christmas" that I created back in 2004.  It seems to be a popular favorite this time of year so I thought, "what the heck...let's put it up there again."


So for all of you who asked for this...here it is....

"The 12 Days of Christmas - EMS Style"

On the First day of Christmas, my Dispatcher gave to me...Grandma who fell and hurt her knee...

On the Second Day of Christmas, my dispatcher gave to me...2 MG of Narcan for the out of work person who wants to end it all by taking her Husband's pain pills and won't tell me what she took and is feeling suicidal....and grandma who fell and hurt her knee.

On the Third day of Christmas, my dispatcher gave to me....Three stacked shocks for the 88 year old man who instead of paying the neighbor kid 5 bucks to shovel his driveway, decided to do it himself and have the big one in the driveway...2 Mg of Narcan for the psycho chick trying to off herself...and grandma who fell and hurt her knee..

On the Fourth day of Christmas, my dispatcher gave to me....4 AM in the morning I have to go to the nursing home because someone has had the flu for like 16 years and all of a sudden needs to go to the hospital....NOW,...Three Stacked shocks for the full arrested popsicle, 2 MG of Narcan for Morphine eating Momma..and Grandma who fell and hurt her knee....

On the Fifth day of Christmas, my dispatcher gave to me...Five minutes to eat.....4 AM shuttle call, Three stacked shocks, 2 MG of Narcan, and Grandma who fell and hurt her knee....

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, my dispatcher gave to me....Six run reports behind because the computer guy can't fix the system..Five Minutes to eat!!!!!!!!!!  4 AM Shuttle, 3 zaps to the chest, gonna have a stomach pumped, and grandma who fell and hurt her knee...

On the Seventh day of Christmas, my dispatcher gave to me...Seven car pile up while everyone was trying to beat the light so they can get into Wal Mart the day after Thanksgiving thinking there is only 4 dancing Elmo Dolls...six reports behind...Five minutes to eat.......4AM is way to early, 3 stacked shocks, 2 of Narcan Pushed, and grandma who fell and hurt her knee....

On the Eighth day of Christmas, my dispatcher gave to me....Eight flights of steps to walk up to get the 400 pound person who is having shortness of breath since LAST Christmas and can't walk...oh, and of course, the elevator doesn't work...7 cars a crunching, six reports a writing, Five minutes to eat. 4 AM shuttle, CPR in progress, 2 MG of Narcan, and grandma who fell and hurt her knee...

On the ninth day of Christmas, my dispatcher gave to me Nine blankets needed to cover up grandpa because he is freezing and we aren't even out of the house yet but thinks he will get pneumonia and die for all of the 10 seconds we are outside...Eight flights of stairs, should have stayed home and bought off of Ebay, six reporst I'm writing...Five minutes to eat.....What the Hell time is it, should have paid the kid, 2MG of Narcan, and grandma who fell and hurt her knee.

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, my dispatcher gave to me...Ten Minutes till I can get a bed in the ER because the nurses are busy figuring out who is going to lunch next....Nine blankets needed, Hope fire department is coming, 7 cars a crunching, six reports I need to write, Five minutes to eat...Can't you wait till morning, sick a fork in him, he's done, Man I hope she shuts up..and grandma who fell and hurt her knee.

On the Eleventh day of Christmas, my dispatcher gave to me....Eleven times I tried to get the heat to work in the back of the truck and maintainence won't take the truck in...ten minutes waiting, Nine blankets needed, eight flights of steps to climb, Hope you have Progressive, Give me a new ink pen...Five minutes to eat....4 AM is early, 3 Leads all show he's dead, 2 MG won't touoch her..and grandma who fell and hurt her knee...

On the Twelth day of Christmas, my dispatcher gave to me..a 12 Gague IV needle that I put into the drunk 19 year old who tried to swing at me...it is really freezing, Hope you choke on your sandwich, 9 blankets for grandpa, How did you get up here in the first place, man your husband is gonna be pissed, six reports STILL down...five minutes to eat...Better than taking them back, Hope I recorded the code, Man, just pass out already...and grandma who fell and hit her knee...

Merry Christmas,

Rounding Third and heading home,