01 August 2006

"It's so hot that....."

01 August 2006

"It's so hot that..."

Okay, the only good thing lately about going out in the heat is that the squad is air-conditioned.  If I have to be outside for an accident, Then one of two things happen.

They are either A) able to walk to the squad, or B) I pronounce them dead.  There is no median until it cools down. (No, people, I am really not that cruel.

So, in the mean time, I want you to send me your best "It's so hot, that...." jokes so we can all share and try to alievate some of this heat.

They can be related to EMS like "it's so hot, that the cold packs  hired an agent to renegotiate their contract..."

Fire..."It' so hot that the hydrants require four quarters to operate for 4 minutes."

Or police, such as.."It is so hot that the cops are chasing crooks to Alaska just to catch them."

Let me here what you got.


Rounding Third and Heading Home,