26 May 2006

Whethering the Storm

26 May 2006

"Whethering the Storm"

Okay...see that picture on the left?  (I mean how can you miss it?)

This picture is NOT a digital recreation of sorts. It has not been touched with Paintshop or any other type of artisitic program.  The picture above is an ACTUAL photo.....

A photo of one of the biggest thunder bumpers in a long time.

The city you see in the lower right is Cleveland. 

I thought that the picture (Taken from the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer) was cool enough that I wanted to share this with all of you.  Seeing it is the season of the cyclones (or tornadoes seeing we are north of the equator), I thought that if I get some cool storm pictures, that I would add them to my site here. (Also, it gives me a reason to put something in...like I said before...not a whole lot going on.)

So, if you get any cool shots, let me know and maybe I can do a post with them.

Oh yeah, I got drenched in this storm...and I am still trying to dry off.

Rounding Third and Heading Home,