31 October 2005

Here's Your Sign

31 October 2005

"Here's Your Sign"

Happy Halloween to everyone.

I hope that your craving sweet tooth has been satisfied by hopping door to door with an alter ego and with every porch you approach, your dentist's stock goes up.  Nevertheless, this is a fun time and should be rewarded with Snickers, Twizzlers, and Gummi Bears.

I thought that I would write today about just how stupid some people really are that I encounter. Now, I am not talking dumb as in "I don't get it", I am talking dumb as in "I locked myself IN my car" kinda dumb. 

Taking a page from Bill Engvall's "here's your sign" patented phrase, I thought that I would do a little bit of that...only EMS style.  All these are true, 100% pure (from 10% concentrate) so I hope that you like and join me in saying...here's your sign.

Today, walking into a Taco Bell to get some groceries to throw down my throat, I had my radio in a back pocket spitting out radio traffic as it was pretty busy at this point of the day.  Along comes an employee who looks down at the radio, looks up at me and ask, "Is that a walkie-talkie in your pocket?"  Without missing a beat, I turned to him and said "nope, I'm just happy to see you"...Here's your sign!!!!

Going through the doors of a local nursing home, we returned a patient who had been seen in the ER and was going back to her room after her examination had been complete. Not knowing what room she was in, we stopped at the desk to find out where she lived. The nurse at the desk goes "Oh, did you just get her".  What?!?!?!  You've got to be kidding me.  I looked at her and with a straight face, I said "No, we took her to dinner and a movie. We were going to get ice cream, but we ran out of money."   <shakes head>  Here's your sign....

Getting a patient from a car accident, I loaded her into the truck and began to assess her. Answereing all questions appropriately, we began to take off for the ER.  Looking me in the eyes, she stopped what she was doing and asked "Are you taking me to the hospital?".  Hmmm..Big, white ambulance, lots of lights, you are hurt, packaged for Christmas, and the big sign on my chest that reads "paramedic".  My reply, "No ma'am, Target is having a huge sale and I need some advice on my clothing choice, I thought I would take you with me because then we can park up front."  Here's to MVA's....here's your sign.

One of my favorite is the big, biker guys that get into a fight and are pretty messed up. We get them into the truck and expose their arms to get a blood pressure and start an IV.  When I pull out an IV cathether the size of a sewing needle, their eyes get really, their skin startst o sweat bad and they shake asking "Is this going to hurt?" <insert blank stare here>  Your arms are no longer bare and you have more ink than Bob Ross had "tiny, happy trees" canvased on your skin.  The procedure to get that naked pic of a Harley chick took all of 12 hours total where my insertion will take less than 3 seconds. Yet, you wonder if the needle I am going to use is going to hurt?!    Here's your sign......

Pulling up to the prision gates when an inmate is sick, we are inspected in the sally port where a guard comes up to the truck, opens every compartment, closes the truck back up after looking under the hood, then procedes to the window and ask "Is it just the two of you?"  Hey dumb ass, I bet you forgot to open the gas tank up and see that I have the Vienna Boys Choir with me. I mean you just opened every damn door on the ambulance and did a bomb sweep of the truck in case two low paid paramedics decided to transfer C-4 explosives into the facility.  "No sir, the Keebler elves are in the jump bag. Please don't disturb them, they are making Toll House Cookies."  I salute you...here's your sign.

Pulling up to a house that is totally engulfed in flames, there are firemen everywhere with hoses spread out like spagetti in an italian kitchen.  Police have the scene blocked off and the EMS is tending to those who have a little smoke inhalation.  A bystander comes walking by and non chelantly ask "Hey, what's going on?"  You didn't get the memo? No one told you that if you see a house, and there are flames coming out of every orfice of the property, that it is called "a house fire"?  Must have been in the bathroom for that one, egghead. "You know, this generous soul decided to try to help everyone save some money this season and heated the whole neighborhood so that you stay warm. Isn't he nice"   Please stop sucking my air up..you are only harming yourself.  Here's your sign....

People amaze me....I guess that is why I still have a job....for all those incredible souls out there that each and everyday I encounter...

And want to say to them....here's your sign.

Rounding Third and Heading Home,


28 October 2005

Top 10 Songs in Emergency Services

28 October 2005

"Top 10 Songs in Emergency Services"

What better way to start of the Halloween season than with another top ten list.

Today's topic: Top ten songs that you might correlate with medics, fire guys, and the cops. (At least in my opinion).

So, without further a due......

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere We go.

10. Another one Bites the Dust - Queen  Okay. This has obvious implications with it. Imagine rolling up to the scene of a heart attack with this coming out of your speakers.  I am sure the funeral directors have this one recorded in their cars.

9. C'mon C'mon - the Von Bondies For all you cable junkies out there who love to watch those police/fire shows, you will recognize this one from the FX Orgininal "Rescue Me" with Dennis Leary. If you haven't seen it...well, you don't know what you are missing.  I think this is a great program with an excellent opening song. I give a 9. It has a good beat and I can dance to it.

8. Trooper with an Attitude - 38 special  Jenn (An Officer's Day) this one is for you.  If you haven't checked out Jenn's journal, you need to stop reading, go to the right, click the link, and read her stuff...then come back.  And if you haven't seen the movie Super Troopers........go and get it...that's an order.

7. Highway to Hell - AC/DC  If you ever had to get up at the butt crack of dawn to go and get someone that was a regular and seemed to only get sick at zero dark thirty with their diarrhea that has lasted 22 years...then this one is for you.  Patience is a virtue. Ironically, I virtually have no patience.  I raise my glass to you.

6. What's Up - 4 non blondes I mean, c'mon.  There are just those certain runs that you go on and ask yourself "what the Hell am I doing here?" Then it onlk takes like an hour to actually FIND a problem (no, you wanting to slap the piss out of them is not the problem).  You know who these people are, and you know where to find them.

5. Bad Boys - Inner Circle  Bad boys...bad boys...whatcha gonna do...whatcha gonna do when they come for you....oh, sorry.  You know the song, You know wehre it is from. Enough said.

4. The Roof is on Fire - The Bloodhound Gang -  (You fill in the blank here)

3. Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum Okay, this has to be my all time favorite for rolling up to the scene of a full arrest. This  jamming in the backround, the windows shattering with the bass. It just gets you in that mood. And yes, I know, I am one sick puppy.

2. Burning Down the House - Talking Heads Rule of thumb. Do NOT play this when pulling up on a fire scene.  The homeowners tend to get a little pissed. This actually happened....and yes, I was involved in that.

1. Keep Hope Alive - Crystal Method   Sigh. This is for all you "Third Watch" junkies that still loom out there even though the show is cancelled.  Yes, it was a great show for the longest time and was cut short due to lowered ratings, but the song became popular as did the show.

(I thought that the links would play a portion of the song, but it goes to the album that it is on so you can click to hear the tunes....sorry)

Well, off to the spirit in the sky to get some zzz's before my next shift.

And now a word from our sponsors....

Rounding Third and Heading Home,


19 October 2005

People vs. Newton

19 October 2005

 "People Vs. Newton"

 Newton's First Law of Motion:

 I. Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.


Newton's Second Law of Motion:

II. The relationship between an object's mass m, its acceleration a, and the applied force F is F = ma. Acceleration and force are vectors (as indicated by their symbols being displayed in slant bold font); in this law the direction of the force vector is the same as the direction of the acceleration vector


Newton's Third Law of Motion:

III. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


Now I know what you all are thinking.

This is supposed to be a blog explaining runs that I have gone on and how it has effected me as a paramedic and also, the "unique" people that I run into on a fairly daily basis.  Of course, no one signed up for a physic's lesson.

Well, today is a bonus day. Consider yourself edumacated. (Yes, I meant to type it like that).

Many moons ago, there was this guy called Sir Issac Newton. He had this theory of random physics about how things move and it's relationship with gravity. 

As you can see by the laws that I have posted above, these 3 rules apply in everyday life and in almost all fields of work whether we like it or not..

A cliff notes version of these laws states that something will move in a straight line till it's a) is stopped by something else, b) is altered either mechanically or physically, or c) the damn thing just runs out of gas (well a & b are true, but you have to admit that c is a posibility and should be up for nomination).

For those of you who love the science part of everything, I will give you a scenario. For those of you who hate science...too bad, you are going to learn something today.

Law 1. Every object will remain in motion at a constant speed unless acted upon by an outside force. 

Let's take...oh, I don't know...two drunk dumb asses who dedide to get in a car and drive, loseit, and hit a curb launching them in the air.

Law 2. F=ma.  "F" being Force, "M" being mass, and "A" being acceleration.

This is where you take the car, a 2004 Sebing, acceleration approx 90 MPH in the 35 MPH zone, and hit something after you lose control.  For all intents and purposes, we will say they hit..oh, I don't know....a HOUSE.

Law 3. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Now, if you chuck into a house at almost 3 times the normal speed limit, guess what? The house is NOT going to move. As a reaction, it may bounce the idiots and their car into a new direction, let's say....ANOTHER HOUSE.

So, let's review what we have learned.  If you drink and drive and go really fast, nothing will happen...until you turn, launch off the road, take a porch out, bounce into the neighbor's yard, take HIS porch out, and come to rest in a chain linked fence.

Yes, it makes for bad physics, but man, it also makes for one hell of a story.

0308 Hours

You know, there is nothing better, after a long day than just kicking your shoes off and just plain old getting to go to bed.  I could still feel the remains of the day aching in my battered body as Jeremy (the new rookie on our shift) and I began to disrobe (no sickos...I mean shoes and socks and uniform shirts) and get ready to hook up with the sandman for a well deserved visit.  Tonight we were in the dungeon (a bedroom in the station that has no windows and the only door leading in does not lead directly outside) which means that it is dark, it is cool, and it usually brings the best sleep that I could get when I am there.

Looking at my pillow, I could hear it call my name with its cottony fluffiness calling out "c'mon, put your head down, you deserve it." The warm fleece in my sleeping bag invited me with a gentle hug and warmth ready to mold around and maintain its heat at a comfortable level through the dark, cold night.

Jeremy had already fallen asleep. I think it was somewhere in his decent to the pillow that he had renedered himself unconscious.  Lucky bastard.

Taking off my watch, I placed it next to the phone when I noticed the little arrow on the display screen illuminated with the line that entered the bedroom that I wasin. Shortly after its presence, the soft "Hey, I hate to do this to you, but..." ring played telling of an incoming caller.

At 3:10 in the morning, it could one of two people. Either the dispatecher runining what was to be a pleasureable evening of sleep and dreams, or the wrong number what some drunk called becasue tehy wanted to see what their buddy was doing...at the ass crack of night.

I don't need to tell you which one it was.

"I need you two to slow roll for an MVA on West River Road North. Car vs. house."





Do you see where I am getting here?

Waking Jeremy up from his extended slumber of 45 seconds, I told heim we had a call and we had to go.

"What do we have?" he asked me wiping away the tons of sleep he incurred from his eyes.

"Oh, I want this to be a suprise." I replied with a chuckle in my voice.

Walking out to the squad, I could hear the rustling of the other truck getting ready to go out to the same call.

Karen, a seasoned medic, who has more time on this Earth than God, was climbing into the driver's seat of her truck. Her rookie, Bob, (who we call Ringo...he has that haircut) was not yet out.

Jeremy and I called en route and took off without the other truck who was dubbed as the primary for this call and head off to the call which was literally behind the station. 

In the distance behind me, I could see the red and white strobes of the fire department slowly getting closer as we approached the top of the hill.

Cresting over, our line of sight was met by two LED flashlights waving us down and in like they were those annoying flag people that tell you where to go when you are at a concert. You know, the ones that keep waving you where to go and they have a person positioned every 10 feet.  Thanks Junior, I am not cattle that needs to be rounded up, I kinda got the clue. Not to mention the FIVE police cars with all their lights on kinda make the scene stand out.

Turning the lights on for the squad, I turned left and stopped dead in my tracks. Well, there was a police car parked in the middle of the road so I had to stop, there was no where else to go.

One thing you learn in EMS is when you get to a scene, ANY scene, you are to evaluate the situation and do a "scene size-up" so you know as to what you are up against and if there is any potential life threats that may have occured prior to your arrival.

Looking to my right, I began my size up....here is what I found.

The vehicle in question (like there was ever ANY doubt that this was the car) was wrapped in a chain linked fence. The front of the car was gone (not missing, not destroyed, but GONE..as it no longer existed.) The engine block for the car was now where the air conditioner button usually is on the dashboard. The whole left side of the car looks like art deco now. Good for some French dude, bad for the one driving it as it is smashed from A-post (that is the post that connects the front windshield with the driver's door) all the way to the gas tank inlet, and is indented approximately six inches in. (Again..not good.) The passenger side of the car wasn't much better and all the windows were now reminince that were scattered for about 100 feet.

You're right, I did say houses up top.

Well, Johnny Walker, missed the curve and hit house number one somewhere around warp speed taking off the WHOLE enclosed porch that was once there. The First story roof  now lies vertical over where the front door usually stands. The debis from the porch lays scattered replicating a house that was nailed by a tornado all over the ground within the 500 ft radius of the house.

BUT WAIT...............THERE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Capt. Barstool created work for the Prudential guy, he decided (or the car did rather) to go to the neighbor's house and cause some damage there too.

And what did he do at the neighbor's house you ask? Well, let me tell you then.

He dismantled THEIR porch too.  Not in as sad shape as the last, but ripped it off the foundation exposing the underside of the house now.  Talk about a two-fer.

In the middle of yard number two, laid our patient screaming at the top of his lungs. Beside him was a girl crying and telling him he was going to be okay. This was fine for a little bit....I willget more into that in a second.

Walking up to the patient, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary except that he was crying like a little kid who just had his lollipop slapped from his hand.

Jeremy went over and took cervical spine precautions while Karen looked for anyone else that was in the car.

Beginning to interview the patient, it was found that the driver of the car had fled the scene and that our patient was unrestraint and really didn't know how he got outside of the car.

Well, Let me tell you then...you were THROWN for the car there Sparky. It's called a seat belt dumb ass. I know it doesn't go with yoru outfit, but I am sure that you will use it next time.

Ringo and I began to assess the patient with Jeremy still holding c-cpine and Karen getting equipment from the truck.

Oh yeah, I still had the sceraming banshee next to me wailing at the top of her lungs to pur patient..and us.

"Ma'am, you need to step over there." Karen told her in a firm, authoritative voice.

"No way, he's my cousin." She yelled at the top of her voice.

How come they are always related to the patient, until they find out he is in trouble or you need something, then they scatter like cockroaches.

"HEY, you don't have to yell, I am right next to you and can hear you fine. I really don't care WHO he is to you right now, he is MY problem and all you are doing is irritating the Hell out of me. You want to yell, become a cheerleader, other than that, get the heck away from me." I told her, (No, I am not some cold, heartless bastard that is rude and cruel to everyone..just thought I would reiterate that, however, it is zero dark thirty in the morning and I am running on vapors here. The last thing I needed was a play by play analyst trying to coach me from MY job) as I pointed over to the driveway for her to go to.

Giving me that head roll (ladies, you know which one I mean) she stood up and began to walk away with that "oh no you deedn't" attitude.

Continuing the survey, the patient complained of pain in his right arm. Okay. Fair enough.

"I need to get you out of this coat." I told him

Cries louder.

"You have to take it off so I can see your arm." I told him with a firmer voice.

"I can't take it off, it hurts too bad" He bellowed out.

Okay. For all you in EMS who have run into patients like this, I have a sure fire way for you to get them to comply. I guaruntee that it will almost always work. It hasn't failed me yet. 

Pull out your Trauma Sheers.

"Okay, I guess I will have to cut it then." I told him.

All of a sudden, the patient stopped bawling.

"NO, don't cut it, I will get my arm out." was the response that I got.

See how that works.

Getting his arm, which was less important than his coat, out, we immediately saw the open radius/ulna fracture that stuck out of his skin.

Beginning to yell again, I instrcted Ringo to get the vaccu splints so we could immoblize the fracture while we packaged him up for transport.

The part where we got him into the truck was pretty uneventful but if you want me to doctor it up, I can...I just won't do it now.

With all this movement in getting the patient together and loading him for transport, it wasn't until we were actually IN the truck that I noticed something that was out of place. 

We were in MY truck.

Responding as second truck, our job is to assist the other crews with the patient and take anyone else that comes along AFTER the initial patient has been determined.  For ome reason under God, the fire guys have loaded the patient into my rig.  Gee, you don't know how special that makes me feel. (add sarcastic tone here).

Getting ready to leave, the doors opened fromthe back and a vocie came in stating that the driver of the car was found and needed a squad now.

Karen rolled her eyes (remember, she is pasat her prime now and every little thing seems minute (pronounced my NUTE) now. So her and Ringo took off to go and get the shoshed chauffeur and take him to the Hilton (what I call our hospital).

The rest of the call was pretty uneventful and pretty up to par.

My guy got assessed and ultimately flown out.

The 85,00 family memebers showed up to the ER.

The driver denied that he was driving.

The driver refused all care.

The driver got arrested.

The family members all dispursed when they found out about the arrest.

And to add insult to injury, it was now 0430 hours....

and I got toned for another call.

Another day here at Happy Acres.

Rounding Third and Heading Home,


15 October 2005

Something to Pass the Time

15 October 2005

"Something to Pass the Time"

Hey there sports fan. Wow! What a wild night I had last night at work and I will be posting an entry sometime here in the immediate future about it, but for now, I thought I would share something both really fun...and really scary with you first.

Here is a site that I want you to try. You will have to download it into your computer, but I assure that it is safe and virus free.


This web site will install into your system. Once in, it will show you a satellite picture of the Earth.

In the top corner, you can put in ANY address ANYWHERE in the world and it will give you a satellite view from the top. You can zoom from as far as 30 miles up to 400 feet above the address.

The scary part is that I found this from a friend on line.  What is even MORE scary is that it has latitude and longitude of the specific address that you look up.  Good thing terrorist don't have computers. (Hmmmmmm).

Try it out and tell me what you think.

Rounding Third and Heading Home,



09 October 2005

The Final Frontier

09 October 2005

"The Final Frontier"

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Date.....9564738 to the nearest Decimal. (somewhere close to 2015 hours)

We begin our story in a small, inhabited planet called Earth 40 degrees north of the mid equator line...

The prehospital army (we'll call them medic) are finishing up their processing logs (we'll call these run reports) as they slowly prepare to endulge with one another sharing a meal of humnicoie (we'll call this pizza..and "humnicoie" is not an actual word so don't look it up...I made it up for this story.)

Sitting down with the newbie (which must have been on back order, because we just got a whole truck load of new people recently), we began to tell him as to some of the regulars that we run on consistently and how the "average" citizen we help is a little more generous in the land mass than most other people.  

More often than not, we are going on call for the "Larger Than Life" people (I don't want to offend anyone) who have nothing more than a cold and think that their coughing is the bubonic plague coming to take them away to that buffet line in the clouds. 

But this is who we are and this is what makes our job "interesting".  And without "interesting", there would be no journal, no place to escape reality, no reads that make you laugh in your cubicle, no entertainment while listening to your 70's disco music. No......

Someone please slap me...


Sitting in our dayroom, we all began to share our highlights of the day and chuckle at the newbie's expense (C'mon..you HAVE to have some light hazing).  No, he didn't do anything wrong. In fact, he fits in quite nicely.

Shining through the windows that lead to the parking lot, we see a car pull in.  This is a normal occassion as many people will stop in and ask for directions on how to get somewhere (I guess that was redundant seeing the soul purpose of directions is to get where you are going). Ken, being in the bay on the phone, hangs up to assist the female who had come into the building.

Beginning to throw the groceries down our throats, we continued to laugh and carry on as the volume began to slow and darkness has begun to settle in. (Okay, so it is October and it gets dark at like 4:30 in the afternoon now, but I am trying to be dramatic here).

Ambiance music for the story here

Sipping our galactic fizzles (Pepsi) we took in a taped feed of the Alliance on the communicator (COPS was on TV).

Enjoying our down time, we began to notice something that was struck as odd.

Ken had not come back yet.

Peeking through the windows to see what was the deal, our view was blocked by a squad that was parked there.


Wondering what was up, Angela got up and went to see what all the commotion was about outside and where Ken had gone to.

30 Seconds later..Angela came back...with a look of disgust on her face.

"Ophelia (Not her real name, nor her nickname either yet, it ties into my theme) is having chest pain in the docking bay (parking lot)" as she picks up the phone and calls dispatch to let them know what is going on.

Now, to inform you, Ophelia is probably THE biggest resident this city has to offer. She is also the biggest pain in the ass and most demanding patient I have had yet. She treats us like we are there to serve her hand and foot. If we aren't careful, she may EAT our hand and foot. She is seen whisking around town in her motorized wheelchair that I know is probably gasping for air with her "Significant other". The reason I quote that is not the fact that she is a homosexual (which I have no problem with) but that I really don't know the actual sex of this person. We will call him/her "Pat" for all intents and purposes.

 Yeah..you know who I am talking about.

Getting up to assist Ken (which he will need all the help he can get) all 5 of us warp on down to the docking bay.

Coming into the cold of the night, I see Ken leaning into a mini van having a conversation with Ophelia.

Slowly approaching with all my caution, I can hear  Ken warning of her of her danger and how she needed to go to the hospital here in town.

Finally standing next to Ken, I look inside to see Ophelia barking back that she doesn't want to go to this hospital and want to go to the other one that is twice as far away.

Ken kept pleading with her to go here in town.

Ophelia kept saying "no".


The rounds went on. The results still the same.

For those of you who follow this blog, there are 2 types of paramedics. There is your finess medic (Ken) which is great at explaining situations in with a detail and tact that is almost diplomatic. Then there is your aggressive medic. (Me) These medic are the tell-it-like-it-is, no bull crap that takes charge of the scene before it gets out of hand.

My turn to try.

Looking at Ophelia, dead in the face (which is hard to do) I was blunt and told her the hospital she wanted to go to is closed right now.

Yes Folks...I lied

She looked at me and wanted an explanation and fed me a line saying "I don't understand."

Ken tried explaining to her that when this facility gets too many patients, they close the ER and do not accept any more squads until the census declines and the resourses allows for them to take patients again.

She still didn't understand.

Ken tried telling her again.

Guess what.....

No go...she AGAIN gave the "I don't understand" speech.

By this time, I was getting pissed with her.  This is an ordeal I go through EVERY time I pick her up.  So I stepped in.

"I will make this easy..even for you. They, will not take you there. You go, and they will send you somewhere else. They are too busy to deal with you right now. Now, you can go to the hospital over here, or you can lay on the floor of this van and die. Choice is yours."

Insert long pause

Okay, let's go.


This is where the fun gets even better.

In order to take her to the ER, we have to get our bariatric cot which is wider and can hold more weight in order to ship her to where she needs to go.

The problem is....this cot is not on station and is on the other side of town.

So now we have to go and get it, just to move her royal highness from her chariot.

Getting the Rookie, we went to get the cot across town with lights and sirens blaring in the darkness.

Only taking a few minutes to secure the cot, we began to vector back to the loading dock.

Looking over to the new guy, I can see he is having the time of his life riding with lights and sirens for the first time.  Leaving him to control the airhorn, he begins to yell at the drivers to move over (well...you get the picture.)

Getting back to the station, the extrication was already beginning to get her out of the car. Not being able to get in to help her from the position that we were in, CJ (The smallest person among us) opened the back door with the key she got from the driver

Looking likea bunch of ants trying to move a boulder, we got her into the squad and started on our journey to the hospital.  The rookie and I followed in our squad to help the crew get her out of the truck and into the ER.

You know what is great about calling a report into the hospital? They have no clue who you are bringing..until you get there.

As the doors opened into the ER, the intensity of the awaiting staff turned dark as we paraded to our assigned bed.

The tension grew along with the groans as this regular was not among the favorites that had frequented this facility.

The journey had come to an end and no one blew their backs out or was eaten alive.

I consider this a victory. For it will only be a short time till the sequel will be among us.

Until then.....May the force be with you.

Rounding Third and Heading Home,


04 October 2005

My Long Winter

04 October 2005

"My Long Winter"

It is today that I come to you with a very heavy heart.  Today I come to you battling grief, remorse, and sorrow as a tradegy has struck many of  us and has hit home and broken our hearts.

Looking at my wife today, I saw the tears begin to welt up in her eyes as the harsh reality of what once was has come to a screaching halt with no reason and no idealistic explanation. I can see the hurt in her face, the crackle in her voice, and the deep felt emotion that has touched her life.

I sit here in depression knowing that I cannot help her or the others that have been affected with the unexplainable series of events that have taken place here on the north coast. So I sit and I wallow, hoping that the sadness will take its toll and let me continue with my life.

Sunday..baseball season ended.

Sunday, the Cleveland Indians lost.

Please click here and bow your heads in a moment of silence

Closing my eyes, I can still feel the summer's sun basking over my face. Its warmth carried by a light breeze coming over the lake imminating the smell of fresh cut grass throughout the stadium.  Looking around, I can see the vibrant shades of red, the majestic blues, the royal greys, and the angelic whites shouting out team spirit each displaying thier loyalty to the team.

The noise from the crowd only gets louder and louder as game play ensues and the park becomes a church as people partake in the festivites and rejoice in their pleasures.

But with one swing of the bat..that has all changed.

The forest green seats that held these strangers for six long months, having new faces everyday and joining folks together as one now lay dormant.  The isles that once held many a spirited people, vendors, kids, and friends now remain clear. The seats stay folded up, waiting for a person to come and relax in them. Instead, they will soon be covered with a powdery snow signifying the end of the season.

The scoreboard which illuminated the crowd and provided entertainment and information to the guest that came to visit shining in high definiton and stadium surround sound lies black and powerless and throws a cold chill now as it hibernates for the winter.

The stands that housed food and souveigners with all its brisk colors and smells that take your breath away stand still. No more guest will come to its window..as it is locked behind a steal curtain.

The players make their way to the field only to be greeted by silence as they ponder what once was on their own personal play ground. For this trip to the park is not to be cheered for, not to play the hero, and not to be the role model for all the young, inspiring ball players of the future. This trip holds, for them a sadness,a heart break as all that is left for them is a locker to clean out, and a ride to catch home.

As the echoes of clapping and cheers begin to dissipate, it is replaced by a solitary howling of wind as it rustles through the concourse fanning out the reality of what once was.

The summer home for many of fans has come to a close as the cold, iron gates that once stood with open arms now remains closed with a sign placed by a fan summing up the summer reading "I still believe...Thanks for the memories"

And for now...my winter begins.

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Yanks @ Indians (This pic is a little old)



 Rounding Third and Heading Home,