31 March 2004

Taking a Step Back

31 March 2004

"Taking a step back"

I thought I would take a few to tell you about where I work and what goes on as to help you with the future stories.

I work in a city of roughly 58,000 people with a coverage area of around 21 square miles.  We are a private company but are contracted by the city to run all 911 calls for EMS. On average, we run just under 60,000 calls a year. (this is between 2 bigger cities).

We work 24 hour shifts in a standard A,B,C rotation. I am on C-shift.  I have been here in Elyria for about 3 years now. Ironically, my first shift was 9-11-01...the day the world stopped.

My day usually starts with arriving at 0830 to start the shift, then the priorities kick in...gotta get my coffee...okay, priorities done.

Next is truck check. This usually takes around 15 to 20 minutes. A wash is next and then, the wait....

From this point on, it is hit or miss. We are either waiting for a call..or waiting for a break. 

Above are some pics I put in to show a little of what I do.  This is only a cliffnotes version of what it is like.

You can visit our website too at www.lifecareambulance.com.

I hope you continue to read on.

Until then...



07 March 2004

75 Degrees at 55MPH

05 March 2004

"75 Degrees at 55 MPH"

A rare day in early March here in the midwest. Temperatures topping mid 70's. Sunshine warming up what has been a dull, gray winter. A taste as to what is only hopeful to come in the near future.

Weather is nice. So what does that mean? That more people want  shed their seasonal agoraphobia to bask in the sunshine...then call 911.

The only catch of the day was that the winds became unbearable knocking wires down, trees over, and killing power to local residence.

Getting back to the game, the day started of not as I wanted to already being busy as soon as I walked in. For the first time I can remember, calls were stacked awaiting a squad to come save them. Leaving the station, I knew that it would be dark by the time I saw it again.

Nothing major really happened today for me, but the top story makes headlines. Apparently, an officer arriving on scene to make a report of a tree that hit a house, ends up getting pinned by a second tree that fell as he left his car. I am not talking a sappling. I am talking about a 2 foot in diameter tree. Ewww. They ended up flying him with unknown injuries that I know about.

I could be a bit more descriptive, but they only give me so much space. I will try to be more in depth next time, and more current too. Until then, take care and be safe.