11 February 2004

Wait and Return

Ahh..the wait and return. This is one of the most tme consuming runs that you can go on beng that once you get the patient there, yo uhave to wait for them to finish to take them back to where they came from.  You think "this is not what I signed up for. I want blood and guts and glory, not a taxi that can move traffic!!"  Unfortunately, that is part of the job, not a good part, but nevertheless.                    

Anyways, the first call was for a frequent flyer who has severe arthritis which means if you breathe on him the wrong way, he is in pain.  I feel for this gentleman, but he seems a little too dramatic for his own cause.  The good news is that he only weighs around 70 pounds, the bad news is, you have to move him and you KNOW that is gonna hurt. After taking a breath, we lifted him and the screaming began...Every nerve in my body curdled with the high shreaking of mellodramatic pain. I would have gave this guy an oscar for his performance. Nevertheless, we loaded him and took him to his appointment, Waited, and took him back. After a run like that, you think "it's Miller Time!!!" It should be.  The rest of the day was very similar to the first call without the Earth shattering wail until about 1630. Then it is like everyone went to sleep.  Wow..this is weird..no calls for like 8 hours...and it wasn't even a full moon..Hmmm...Well, I am not gonna knock that..I am off to bed..before the crap hits the fan..To all a good night and I hope to have something more interesting next time.